Doreen's Art Dolls

Hello, I'm Doreen Baros. Welcome to my website.

Art dolls are one of my hobbies that give me an opportunity to make art in three dimentions. In the past I have made a variety of different types of dolls. My favorite dolls are cloth dolls. I enjoy making modern cloth dolls with details created through needle sculpting techniques. Dolls that really catch my eye are old fashioned hand painted folk dolls. It is fun to try replicating old styles.

About a year ago I learned about Jane DeRosier's Ning group that teaches all about Cloth & Clay Dolls. These are often done in the folk art style, as well as other styles. It is a great group to join if you want to learn more about making dolls using paper clay and cloth. You can find it here at: Jane has some excellent videos she has recorded showing you how to work with the paper clay to fashion your own folk art style doll.

A look at my C&CD April Flowers zine.

I hosted a swap there at Jane's C&CD group called April Flowers Swap. The swap is over now, and I have been busy working to put together a CD that contains photos of all the flower dolls that were swapped. I also designed a half-size zine - a 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" booklet - with a bit of info and commentary on each participant's flower dolls so they could be more easily identified on the CD. I am about to mail out the swapped dolls to their new owners. It has taken me a lot longer than I anticipated to do all the prep work required to put this little booklet together. I want to get these packages out of my house and on their way through the postal system. It's not that I'm getting impatient to be rid of the flower dolls, they're lovely. And I wouldn't mind keeping a number of them. But I am a bit impatient to be done with the work of pulling it all together and be done with it. I have to say I like the finished product the way the booklet turned out. I think everyone should be happy to get it. I know they're anxious to get their dolls so they can see how they turned out, and whose doll they end up getting.

I thought it might be fun to share the master files of the booklet here in case other doll makers and doll enthusiasts might be interested in seeing the results. So . . . here it is. Get ready to print out your own little booklet. Here is the basic info you need to know to print your own booklet:

  1. You will use standard 8 1/2" x 11" printer paper.
  2. You may use a heavier sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock for the cover if you desire.
  3. You will be printing on both sides of the paper - one side at a time. This may require you to do a test run to be sure you load the paper properly so it is backed up correctly.
  4. I print my pages, back to back, one at a time to be sure they are aligned with the right page
  5. Once all the pages are properly printed out, fold them in half. I like to use a bone folder to get a nice crisp crease. If you do not have one of these, use the back of a spoon rather than your thumbnail. It saves wear and tear on your fingers!
  6. Collate the folded pages together so page numbers are in the correct order
  7. Staple two (or three) staples into the creased fold with a long-reach stapler to bind the booklet.
  8. Relax and enjoy reading about our Cloth & Clay April Flowers Doll Swap!

The contents page in my C&CD April Flowers zine shows the names of all those who participated in this swap.

When aligning pages back-to-back, be sure the eight sheets of paper are together as follows:
Sheet #1 (front/back cover = p2 & p31) on cardstock if desired
Sheet #2 (p3 & p30 = p4 & p29)
Sheet #3 (p5 & p28 = p6 & p27)
Sheet #4 (p7 & p26 = p8 & p25)
Sheet #5 (p9 & p24 = p10 & p23)
Sheet #6 (p11 & p22 = p12 & p21)
Sheet #7 (p13 & p20 = p14 & p19)
Sheet #8 (p15 & p18 = p16 & p17)

The .pdf containing all the pages may be found by clicking here.

A look at my C&CD April Flowers zine. A look at my C&CD April Flowers zine. A look at my C&CD April Flowers zine.