Doreen's Paintings

Hello, I'm Doreen Baros. Welcome to my website.

I am just beginning to get back into painting after many years away from it. In the past I've dabbled in oils and acrylics, doing a number of portraits and some still-life subjects. My mind has drifted back to a desire to paint during the last few months. Thankfully I have been able to get some brushes wet recently by creating some hand painted fabric postcards. You will find some info on those here. My intent is to move back to painting again with more work over the coming year. Hopefully I will be able to re-acquire the skills I once had in this medium once again. Like the old saying goes . . . use it or lose it. The future will show how that works out for me. Come check back in on my efforts. I'll post new photos as I work to hone my skills again.