Doreen's Art Quilts

Hello, I'm Doreen Baros. Welcome to my website.

Art quilts are an extension of the regular, more traditional quilting hobby I have engaged in for many years now. I enjoy making quilts from patterns I see in magazines, books and on-line. But I also enjoy just playing. This involves making free style quilts and improvisational quilts as I go.

I purchased an Accu-Quilt cutter some time ago. I'll tell you about that another time. Suffice it to say, I've got alot of quilt blocks, triangles and other shapes cut now. I am still working at cutting up my large collection of fabric scraps as well as the smaller pieces of yardage. I decided some time ago to condense my large stash into smaller containers filled with 'pre-cuts' ready-to-go. One can spend money purchasing 'pre-cut' fabric in the standard 5" charm squares, 2 1/2" jelly roll strips, 6" turn overs, and other assorted sizes and shapes . . . or one can cut them yourself! Since I have accumulated such a large stash of fabric, the obvious choice for me is to cut them myself. When I get tired of cutting and want a change of pace, you will likely find me sewing the fabric back together again. Crazy, yes! I know, right?! You cut it up only to sew it back together again! Quilting is such a fun, contagious activity. Once I get started on it, one thing leads to another, and pretty soon I've got a bunch of quilt tops started. I've been known to work on half a dozen or more over the same time frame. That way, when I go to sew at a friend's house, or want a change of pace, I've got something handy to grab and go sew.

I'll be working on filling this part of my website up with images of quilts I am working on. Check back on my progress . . . and after you've stopped in for some inspiration . . . get busy and start a quilt of your own!!!