Doreen's Artwork

Proofing the Cupcake Stamp
One of my most recent artistic endeavors has involved carving this set of rubber stamps. It is a project I am working on for a swap over at Swap-bot. You can read more about it at my blog here, here and here. I will be swapping this large cupcake stamp as my contribution to the swap.

It was fun and relaxing to spend time carving this piece by hand. It's kind of like one of those quiet, meditative things. It requires a bit of concentration and a steady hand so you do not remove the wrong areas of the block to reveal your image. Yet it isn't that complicated - put on some music to relax by and just start carving. I will be making up more rubber stamps for my own personal use in the future. I've got a few ideas already for some other images that will make smaller stamps.

I have also been thinking of searching on-line for a company that would be able to manufacture a line of rubber stamps for me from some of my drawings. So far I've just been toying with some ideas, but have not taken it further. I had considered this step some years ago, but was busy with other things in my life and never pursued it. I am thinking of going more in this direction now - working to produce a small line of rubber stamps to offer for sale.