Info About Me

Hello, I'm Doreen Baros. Welcome to my website.

Where to Start? I love to create things. I've been a creator, a maker, for a long time. I like to make things. Mostly it's about art, sewing, quilting, crafts. But it could also be about cooking, baking, designing and decorating for my home and garden. I also like to read and learn new things. One of my passions is trying new things with web designing and web programming. That's still pretty new to me, and I don't feel like I know nearly enough, but I'm learning . . . and I enjoy learning new things. Give me a book of instructions, and a few hours to give it a try, and you'll find I've lost all track of time learning and experimenting on something new.

In the past I have done drawing, painting, stained glass, wood-working, ceramics, porcelain dolls, cloth sculptured dolls, and any number of other art-type things. It is fun to try my hand at so many different things. I have to say I rarely get bored. There are just too many fun and fascinating things in this world to do!

I am currently living in North Dakota, on the Great Northern Plains. I love it here with the wide-open vistas, the breeze (and often the wind!) blowing across the prairie. It has been home to me for nearly 30 years now. It is a great place to live and have a family.

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