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Kay Smart, Glitter Gals, blue flower Tiger Strong-McGrath, Spider Lily flower Susan Freer, Bessie, a flower mounted on an old fashioned thread spool Shauna Henry, white cloth & clay flower Rick Petersen, a fun yellow flower character Oneta Carter, lovely soft felt petals frame a spunky character flower

May 14, 2011
I have been spending a LOT of time recently creating a booklet that documents the April Flowers Doll Swap that I am hosting. I have the booklet completed, and will be printing out the pages and collating them this weekend. The flower dolls for this project are wonderful! They are so full of clever ideas and skillful techniques of construction. It has been a pleasure to be involved in this project and to get to know these doll artists through their work. If you want to print out your own copy of this booklet, or just want to read more about it, click here.

Mary Tomalesky, one of The Fabulous Florindas Mary Hermans, one of the Thistle Sisters Gerry O'Neal, one of her Black-eyed Susans Denise Baldwin, a lovely cone daisy Deanna Marie Milam-Larson, a colorful purple daisy Carole J. Watts, a purple cloth & clay flower doll

Coming in from the cold in early spring, I find my glasses tend to fog up, and that is some what disconcerting! April 15, 2011
I went out to take photos in March of the heavy spring snows we had a few weeks ago. This was a common view of me when stepping indoors from some of those cold snowy days. It is just a bit disconcerting to find my glasses fogged up. Now that it is getting to be warmer days and more sunshine, things seem so much brighter, and clearer!

I have to say I am really happy about getting some warmer weather lately up here on the great northern plains! We did get some snow through the night, but there is no doubt that spring is here and the warmer weather has made an appearance in North Dakota. Yesterday I even saw my first glimpse of people wearing shorts outdoors when I went to the post office and was out and about town! I heard the temperature reached somewhere into the low to mid fifties. We're a hardy bunch up here . . . and that felt so nice and warm! I wasn't among that group wearing shorts, although I have been going out with just a light sweater instead of a jacket the last several days.

At the present time I am once again going through some upheavals with my sewing studio and my scrapbooking/computer rooms. We've made some changes in our home by making the Yellow Room into an extra Guest Bedroom. This meant moving all my scrapbooking, drawing and computer stuff downstairs next door to my Sewing Studio. From now on I will be doing all my work from one, more centralized, location. Prior to making the decision to move my whole room full of stuff, I had begun work on re-painting the walls of my Sewing Studio. I still have some more painting to finish downstairs in the Studio. And now will be re-painting the Art Room as well before I can get things completely set up and in working order. In the long run I believe it should actually streamline the way I can do my work. For instance, working from two adjacent rooms will make it much easier to do stitching on my scrapbooking pages, and also help with writing up pattern instructions and such while I sew. I look forward to having everything in a good, workable order. And, of course, I'll take pictures and do a write-up on my blog about it when the time comes so show it off.

Some of my time over the past couple of months has been spent making up small pieces of artwork and stitching quick projects to swap with others over at Swap-bot. My daughter-in-law let me know about this group of on-line swappers and encouraged me to sign up and try a few swaps. I have been enjoying the process and am currently hosting two of my own swaps. If you are interested in reading more about my activities on Swap-bot you may want to check out some of my blog posts or take at peek at my flicker page.