News from Doreen's Desk

Working of making some Jenny Haskins dimensional flowers. Some of my dimensional flowers are completed. Lots more to go! March 23, 2012
I've been home from work --sick with a horrible sinus infection, yuck!-- wondering if I could be doing a little something between bouts of sleeping for hours. I don't have enough energy to get up to do much, so thought I'd do a little revamping on the website. I know . . . it's a bit hard to think clearly with this huge pressure in my head, across my forhead, behind my eyes and cheekbones. Since it has been such an enormously long time since I last updated anything . . . maybe it's a small thing I can do while convalescing.

In case you haven't noticed, I added a link to my "Jenny Stuff" (at the top of the page) where I plan to post my progress on some Jenny Haskins sewing and quilting projects that I am currently working on. She has such wonderful machine embroidered quilts. I actually have quite a lot of her products, design CDs and books. I consider it a good thing to get to work making up some of the quilts and projects I have accumulated over the years. There is a LOT of embroidery to complete for each of her projects, so I am certainly giving my embroidery machines a good workout!

The dimensional flowers you see in these two photos are from the book "Jenny's Heritage". These are just a very small sampling of the dimensional flowers she incorporates into this quilt. I am teaching an Heirloom Embroidery class at the sewing machine dealership where I work. These images are from work on one of my class projects in January. I am at a stand-still on completing that particular quilt because I am waiting for some fabric to be restocked at the store to finish up some sashing. I've considered several times that I should just go ahead and do the sashing with another fabric, but I've waited this long, I think I'll wait a bit longer. As I understand it, we are supposed to be getting in a whole bunch more fabric to restock our shelves soon.

I recently took some time off work to attend my very first quilt retreat. It was fun to spend time away from home sewing nearly the whole time. It was held at the Sacred Heart Monastery in Richardton, North Dakota. I took along two of my sewing machines so I could spend time completing some of the quilt blocks for my Jenny Heritage quilt. Of course I learned a few things attending the retreat: pack lighter next time! Being a terrible judge of time, having all kinds of dreams of achieving lots of sewing/embroidery, given the advice before hand to bring some extra project (in case you forgot to pack some needed item and were thus unable to work on your chose project), and being a newbie and a pack-rat . . . I brought along too much stuff. That's okay, I managed to accomplish quite a lot of sewing and embroidery so am completely happy with my progress. Some of us who had never gone on a tour of the nearby Assumption Abbey took a bit of time to do some sightseeing. I loved seeing the architecture, the paintings and carvings there at the abbey. It reminded me a bit of seeing some of the beautiful buildings and cathedrals in Europe many years ago.