January Journal 2011

Join in on scrapbooking the month - 31 day challenge
Join in the fun!

We will be scrapbooking daily through the month of January 2011. This is a project based on what I learned doing the December Daily mini scrapbook idea from Ali Edwards. I am sure you will pick up lots of great ideas, tips and tricks from this master scrapbooker if you take time to look through her site. Do yourself a favor and check out her website, too, after you've looked around here of course!

Here's the plan. I am using my own pre-printed sheets, that I created with my desk-top publishing program, to form my January Journal foundation pages. You are free to use these as well if you like. Just download the files to your home computer then print them out onto 110# card stock (8 1/2"x11" index card weight paper) from your home computer. Then trim down to your desired finished size. You may hole punch them to join the pages together into your mini book using binder rings, cord or ribbon. You chose! Make your mini book unique to fit your personal preferences.

I included both JPG files and PDF files here so you have more options. If you work with any graphics programs that allow you to utilize the JPG files, you can add the lines and date info from the file right as a part of your photo. This is an option I am just recently playing with myself, and learning to manipulate my photos with additional image overlays. In this way you can experiment with making digital pages or hybrid pages in your scrapbook. If you do not want to bother with anything "complicated" you may choose to use the PDF files to just print out the pages themselves. This way you can scrapbook in a more traditional way when you adhere your photos, tags and such right onto the printed page. You can journal in the boxes on the card stock next to your photos.

These files are offered free of charge. I ask that you would respect the spirit of "free" by not copying or distributing them to anyone else for any type of fee or reimbursement. That means, you are to use them for your own personal use, not to make them into any sort of money-making venture. Please, no re-distribution of these files, or printed materials made from these files, in any way (for monetary or non-monetary gain) to any body else. You are welcome to tell others about their availability here. You may share the link to this page so others have the opportunity to come visit this site first hand. Please honor this request to have others come here to download and print the pages for themselves.

Freely you have received, freely give.

January Journal - JPG Files

Just click onto a button and download the file to your home computer. You can print them out as it, or use them with your graphics programs such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

January Journal - PDF Files

Click onto a button and download the file to your home computer, or just click to print. Then trim the pages to your desired mini book size.

Doreen's January Journal Pages - In Progress

Okay . . . Here we go. I plan to upload images of my pages as I work on them - and get them completed. Hopefully we can all learn some new techniques during this process.

I also started a January Journal 2011 Flicker group to showcase lots of photographs if you would like to share images of your progress. If you haven't tried Flicker, this might be a good time to do so. I will also be posting updates to my scrapbooking blog where you may leave comments, share links and info about your pages as well. Lot's of options to chose from . . . just want to provide for a variety of ways to share. Don't feel you have to use all of them . . . or even any of them . . . if you don't want to. No pressure, no obligations. Feel free to make this process as involved, or simple, as you chose! Have fun with it! Now, let's get scrapping!