Doreen's Jenny Stuff

Working of making some Jenny Haskins dimensional flowers. Some of my dimensional flowers are completed. Lots more to go! Here's a new peek into some of the sewing and embroidery activities I am currently engaged in . . . Jenny Stuff! Okay, maybe that's not such a great title for this page of my website, but I'm lumping in together all the embroidery and sewing work I am doing in order to teach the Heirloom Embroidery class where I work. The whole year is based upon two of Jenny Haskins' books: Jenny's Heritage and Jenny's Vintage Garden. I have been wanting to get back into managing my websites and blogs. Considering all the time I have spent, and will continue to spend, on making up class samples and working on the full bed-sized quilts from each of these books this year, I figure I might as well share some of the things I am learning as I go along.