Quilting for Fun

Hey, lookie! It's time to sew!

How about that!?! Look at the clock . . . it's time to sew! Ha, ha . . . the clock in my Sewing Studio was purchased at a Husqvarna Viking convention I attended once. If you ask me, no matter what numbers the hands are on . . . it's time to sew!

Quilting is one of my passions. A lot of my time is actually spent downstairs in the Sewing Studio piecing quilts. Over the years, I've managed to get quite a few tops done. But they are patiently waiting for me to quilt the layers together. As Christmas gifts in 2010, I worked long hours to get two of those quilt tops made into finished quilts. These were Christmas gifts for my youngest son and his wife. They are the headliners at the moments, because they are the most recent ones finished. My plan for the near future is to get one more of my quilt tops finished for my oldest son. I have had the blocks for his quilt completed for a long time, but they never got as far as a quilt top.

It has been fun getting to learn the knack of running my Pfaff Hobby Grand Quilter. It is not one of those nice big long arm machines. It is more of a mid arm machine. When I first purchased this sewing machine I used it as a sit-down model with the addition of the plastic quilting table attachment. I was scared of the speed it is capable. When it first came home from the sewing store I only sewed with it on the slowest speed. It didn't take long, though, to become familiar with it and get used to the power it has. Compared to regular household sewing machines, that baby can zip through anything . . . and do it fast. It got to the point where I would stitch on my other, smaller household machines and keep thinking, "Come on, go faster!"

When I got my quilting frame I mounted the machine onto it, but never really used it for quilting until this winter. I have to wonder at myself, why I waited so long. But with all the various projects and activities going on around here, I just never took the time to put a quilt on it and get started. Now that I have completed two quilts on it, I know the others will be seeing their time on the quilt frame in the near future so they can be completed. I plan to post the photos I have of my various quilt tops here. Then I will concentrate on getting more quilts finished over the rest of this winter and into the spring. It will be fun to have a pile of quilts here around the house. And some are slated to be gifts for other friends and family.