Scrapbook Fun with Doreen

The Remodel in Progress
What you see here is the old view. The Yellow Room is no longer my Scrapbooking/Computer room.

We did some re-arranging in our home the last week of March that involved moving my Scrapbook/Computer room downstairs into a room next to my Sewing Studio. This move is still in progress. I wanted to re-paint in there prior to re-organizing and setting everything up. I am in the middle of a few other projects, so am pacing myself in order to stay on track getting those things accomplished on time. The re-decorating is stalled at the moment. Pictures to come as it contines to progress!

I also decided this room needs a new name. Scrapbook/Computer Room is so cumbersome! I'm thinking of just calling it the Art Studio. Kind of plain and boring, but it rolls off the tongue easier with the shorter syllables, and it's descriptive. Hmmmm . . . might ponder it a bit more.